What is Holistic Therapy?

Put simply, holistic therapy is a medicinal philosophy which believes that, in order to heal a person, the whole package of body, mind and spirit should be considered. Holistic therapists believe that the body and soul are intrinsically linked, and that if there is a problem with one area of the body or mind then it will affect all other aspects of a person too. The goal of holistic therapy is to gain optimal health; however this can only be achieved when a person gains a proper life balance.

Holistic medicine is also based on the belief that unconditional love and support is the most powerful healer, and that a person is ultimately responsible for his or her own health and well-being.  The person has to take control of their life by cleansing their body and mind, and then they can focus on recovery. When a person seeks treatment for physical or psychological problems, they work as a team with their practitioner to identify the root cause of the condition, and then a mixture of integrated therapies are used to combat the issue.

Holisitic therapists use a combination of techniques to help rebalance a patient’s life. Some doctors may use integrative therapy; mixing traditional medicines for treating physical conditions with alternative therapies that help to cleanse and restore balance to people’s lives. Illnesses could occur due to an unhealthy lifestyle; such as lack of sleep, a fatty diet, stress or lack of exercise. Therapies such as massage could be introduced to reduce stress, and yoga or tai chi can help to add forms of relaxing but effective exercise to make someone healthier.

At Spanish Detox Retreats we firstly run you through a full MOT health analysis to identify your physical or psychological conditions. You then have tailored one-to-one mind detox sessions to get to the root of the problems. We teach you new ways of thinking so that you can understand yourself and be more positive. This is followed by bodily cleansing through the colonic therapy process. Colonic therapy thoroughly cleanses the
colon, relieving you of excess waste, removing toxins and cleaning the blood. It can stimulate the immune system as well as making you feel less bloated and more energetic.

Other techniques we use as part of our holistic retreats include:
Reflexology – Areas of the feet are linked to certain parts of the body. A therapist uses finger and thumb techniques to massage the feet and this relieves pain, strain and conditions in each of the corresponding body parts.

Kinesiology – This monitors the muscles to see if there is stress and strain in certain points within the body. Once issues have been identified, stress is worked out of muscles using pressure and massage.

Reiki – This ancient Tibetan healing system channels healing energies to the recipient. Reiki is commonly used to treat emotional and mental distress, and to assist the recipient in achieving spiritual clarity.

Meditation – Meditation is a form of relaxation where the user trains their mind to focus on their self and their consciousness. This practice can help the user to gain self-belief, as well as relieving stress, depression and high blood pressure.

At Spanish Detox Retreats we believe everyone can find inner peace, and restore their life balance with help from our experienced practitioners, workshops and treatments. Relax in the tranquil setting and rediscover your inner happiness whilst you cleanse your body.