At our Sa-Kara Retreat we’re proud to offer you The Sa-Kara Promise: as well as offering a personal 1:1 Service. We will never have more than 8 people on our detox retreats, detox holidays and health retreats at any one time, ensuring you will get the attention you deserve.


Spanish health retreats and detox retreats have chosen the team at The Sa-Kara Retreat, since they have a wealth of experience in:






They have run their own clinic in the UK full time, and over the years they’ve coached thousands of clients back to better health and well-being. Over here in Spain they continue to do the same, but in the sun!


Mark Costar

MCHC,KFRP,FHT,(Dip Nutrition),Cert ECBS,Cert Ed,Cert Couns
This has been my dream for at least 30 years, I was working in Spain and Europe for many years and left to go back to the UK to raise my first child, three grown up children later and life takes over.

We have searched for many years looking at places that would fulfil our dream that would combine what we do in the UK and to carry that out in Spain.

I opened my first Health Clinic around 1990 and now it's 30 years later and I’m still practicing. I have trained with some amazing people and have learnt some great skills and our dream is now a reality and we can share our skills and life’s lessons with you in the comfort of our Retreat in The Sunny Costa Blanca.

I trained in Body Based Therapy initially including Massage, Shiatsu, Dorn, Bowen, Nirmomathe and Reflexology. Having worked on 1000’s of people my hands gave up. I then trained as a Colonic Practitioner with the well renowned Doctor Milo Siewert and did further training as a Kinesiologist, Nutritionist, Bio Resonance Practitioner and lately trained as an Energy Healer.

We hope to offer many types of Retreats in the coming years and invite many talented professionals to share their wisdom with you.

I believe we are all connected, each and everyone of us, to nature, the animals and to the stars, connected to this vast universe. We are all beings inhabiting this Earth for a small period of time, the time we have and lessons we learn are unique to us, being conscious of what we do and how we do what we do, to ourselves and the planet is what we are here to change.

That is being conscious about our thoughts and our behaviours, being conscious is about living with awareness and beauty and most of all full of Joy and laughter, just watch the Dalai Lama in action! Happiness is a state of mind, laughter is contagious, we invite you to come and spend some time with us and have some fun, laughter and Joy on one of our Retreats.

Sonya Perry

Visiting Yoga Practitioner, Hatha Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga and Health Practitioner
I started my journey in yoga at 14, thanks to my adventurous mother. Yoga became especially important to me in my 20′s when I worked in television, a fairly high pressured environment.

When I retrained as a Holistic Therapist in my 30′s, yoga helped me ‘walk my talk’ and equipped me with tools to practice and share as a therapist and workshop leader.

In my 40′s yoga helped me maintain sanity and health as a working single mama of two lively tykes. I studied the British Wheel of Yoga’s year long Foundation course as a way of maintaining my sanity and fell in love. I was stunned to find that much of the wisdom I had been working with over the past two decades in my work as a Kinesiologist, Reflexologist, Healer, Counsellor, NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapy was all there – in yoga. Yoga is much much more than asana practice. Asana practice is crucial but so is understanding of all of the levels of our human being. It was a no brainer to commit to the rigorous 3 year BWY Diploma Teacher Training.

Now in my 50’s (what?) yoga nourishes, inspires and invigorates me. It is such rewarding work. Every week I witness people improve the quality of their lives. And every year I have the great joy and satisfaction of working with the very brilliant Yogacampus ,training more people to become skilled and empowered yoga teachers.

Years of experience have given me an in-depth understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection and profound intuitive abilities.

Carole Holmback

M-IACT, SNHS (Dip.Nutrition)
Before meeting Mark I was working in Retail, but a chance encounter led him to me and life has not been the same since.

I trained in Colonic Hydrotherapy and Nutrition 15 years ago. After having my first Reiki treatment with a friend, something happened, I could see and feel things I could not see before, they called it “the raising of the Kundalini Energy’.

Because I could see and feel things a lot more vividly than before, I decided to train in Psychic Development, and decided to use my skills in healing through Reiki.

I trained initially as a Seichem Reiki Master (Egyptian) and later added Holy Fire Master Training to my skills. I now Teach and Offer Reiki.

It will be a great joy to spend time with you on one of our Retreats and hopefully we can connect, you never know I may have a message for you.


I have been practicing different styles of Yoga from Yin Yoga to Hatha for more than 20 years and i focus on offering blissed out experinces to connect you to your highest potential.

Phillippa Lee

Phillippa is a trained chef having travelled all over Europe cooking for rock stars and their crews and is an accomplished Author of Kitchen Alchemy along with Ann Bowen Jones.


Cook and Juice Mistress
Hi im Barbara, and i was unaware of the amazing possibilities holistic health offered , a chance meeting with Mark,changed my life ,now i can see the light i am in training to become a Kinesiologist which is truly mind blowing,at Sa-Kara i will be doing some cooking/juicing ,so i hope to meet you and make your stay a memorable one.