7 Health Benefits of Yoga

Originating in ancient India, yoga is a spiritual and physical discipline that can have wide ranging health benefits for its practitioners. It is very easy to pick up, and those health benefits can be seen surprisingly quickly. Our yoga retreats in Spain are an ideal way to kick-start a yoga habit that you can take home with you, and they are tailored so that they are perfect for beginners and experienced yogi alike. Here are some of the top benefits that you could reap from practising yoga.

1. Better sleep

Studies have shown that yoga practise can help to improve sleep even for those suffering from chronic insomnia; it helps to encourage longer and deeper sleep, and reduces feelings of fatigue during the day.

2. Better posture

Many people suffer from backache because they have poor posture; through strengthening your core, yoga can help to improve your posture and reduce those aches and pains

3. Less stress

Yoga focuses on clearing your mind through focused breathing and meditation. Because of this, it is a wonderful way to reduce stress and anxiety, which in turn can help to reduce headaches, migraines and other issues.

4. Better concentration

Yoga is not simply an exercise for the body, but also for the mind. Even a short daily yoga session can help to sharpen your focus and improve your memory and concentration. It has even been shown to be beneficial in preventing and treating Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Better balance

Whilst some yoga positions may seem to be difficult for those with poor balance, these are positions that a beginner will work up to. By careful practise of the correct positions you can greatly improve your balance. It’s never too late to begin either – improved balance was one of the many benefits reported in a study of over-60s by the University of California.

6. Reduced pain

Many people live with long-term pain, and feel that medication is the only solution. However, several studies have shown that yoga practices can aid pain management in people suffering from diverse complaints including arthritis and fibromyalgia, reducing the need for medication.

7. Better bones

Yet another study showed that yoga, through placing pressure on the bones without harming the joints, can actually increase bone density in sufferers of osteoporosis, reducing the likelihood of broken bones.